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About me well what can I say, that will not make you run..lol...Well lets start of with my name.. Carol.  But all call me Caz.....I live in Nottingham with my Hubby Jim, pictured with me above..   We moved up from Plumstead, London in 1995...This is my 2nd marriage, and will be my last....:)  Sadly Jim was diagnosed with Parkinson's last sept.. But we will deal with that as it progresses,...
I have 3 grown children from previous, all flown the nest..And 4 grandchildren..

A friend got me into card making, (scatty jan, its your fault).lol..Around 2010 so been awhile now..It's the longest time I've stuck to one  hobby...
I also like cross stitch, and crochet..Not that I've done much since card making took over...I also learnt bobbin lace making, but that's so slow going i got fed up with it..
Even though i struggle for supplies ect..I do manage, and love it..It keeps me sane..Well most of the time...lol...My best investment was getting a portrait cutting machine..Love it..I also love making 3d stuff too..

Its like upstairs, downstairs in our house..Me upstairs in craft room/spare bedroom..And Jim down stairs watching his star trek..Or messing in shed..Well think that's enough..Do hope you like what you see on my blog..And follow me :)..

If you want to  contact me, you can do so by emailing me  at lulubell.c@gmail.com..

Caz xx

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