Sunday, 16 October 2022

Love my pink campervan


Hello everyone.. Hope your all well.. Yes its me I am still alive lol.
Thought bout time I posted something.. Had stuff going of here, what with my OH Jim, suffering with skin problem on his legs, for weeks, finally got to a dermatology appt, guess what problem has nearly cleared, typical.. Back at hospital wed morning see dr..
Then there,s me with my back problems, spinal stenosis physio says.. Her answer loose weight n more excersize..easier said than done, when cannot stand for long and get out of breath due to my copd..Falling apart both of wont bore you anymore..
Onto why Im posting.. I've always wanted a VW Campervan, for getting away in, but not gonna happen now.. So Ive made my very own pink one lol
This is a svg cutting file from SVGHUT part of a collection called Surf Shack

Below pic waiting to be filled with what ever.. lol.

This is my second campervan made a black n white one..

Thank you for looking

Caz xx


  1. Caz you sound just like me, I have the very same problems and it's no joke, some people can get injections for back troubles but because of my bones I can't and you sound the same. It's no fun getting on is it.
    I love your link camper van, it's amazing and so creative, it's also good to see you list here too.
    Take care, not much else we can do

  2. Love your fabulous pink camper van and flowered P.paper goes perfectly. We are both falling to bits too! I was at hosp on Thursday for a bone scan(scoliosis!)
    Carol x

  3. This looks fab Caz, very unique, xx


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