Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone..Here to show you what ive been working on for while now...Taken longer as hurt my back monday..All i did was stand up from chair..Gawd couldnt stand up straight, really needed a zimmer frame lol..Bit better today although still painful, but can stand up straight..Just about

Jim my OH has been waiting on me all this time bless him..Mind is bout time he learnt to cook more than beans on

I have made what is called 

Marquee Gable 3D Display Stand

 Is silhouette file by snapdragon designs..Before i put together i stamped with 
White washed herringbone background stamp..Then ontop i used Bohemian corner stamp  Both sentimentally yours Phill Martin..

Home sweet home sweet home cut on portrait 

I even dragged out my clay n flower moulds and made the flowers..

This is not perfect by all means, ive seen all the flaws since taking the pics lol

Thank you for looking..Of to stagger downstairs to see what Jim is cooking or trying to cook..


Thank you for taking the time to comment...Means so much to me and love reading them..xx

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